ShopDump: Holidaze

December 12th, 2012 | Nnekay

Hey if you didn’t know by now, we’re thick in the Holiday Season! WOOOOOOO!


To which I say, “Ok… I see your point… but let’s try something different.”

So, because I’m a creep and Facebook allows such behavior, I peeped a wall posted conversation between two of my favorite style mavens. The conversation consisted of a link for a store my little frugal eyes had never graced called Rouche. Needless to say I got busy. Below are my holiday party alternatives:

All Images Courtesy of

Mid Century Colorblock Dress by Effie’s Heart, $68.50

Ok… Let’s start with the most boring out of the bunch. I love this dress for it’s potential. First things first, I would get rid of that raggedy red ribbon crap. Get yourself a big black waist belt. Then pair it with some shit kicking boots. Now, you got a good start. The delicate trim of this dress will go well with the heavy accessories. The short cap sleeves expose a lot of arm, so I say do it up with some bangles… gold or silver, whatever your preference. What I tend to do is pair gold with brown, and silver with black- but its your body, so do you!

Crimson Radiance Lace Dress, $46.99

This dress is just cute. Wouldn’t it look cute with some seafoam drop earrings? or a cute 60′s ponytail with some gold hoops? I would try to keep the accessories to a minimum with this frock, let the color speak for itself. Perhaps a silver kitten heel?

Sweet Miss Clara Dress by Knitted Dove, $89.99

I know, YET ANOTHER crochet dress, but fuck you, this Twiggy shit is so hot right now. Twiggy is always hot in my world. Actually this dress reminds me of that sexy ass dress Jane Berkin wore with her lucky ass (but amazing/weird songwriting) husband Serge Gainsborough: Yep that one.  I would 60s the crap out of this dress. Either ridiculously big earrings with and elaborate updo, or studs with short cropped/pulled back hair. Perhaps a chunky heel, but to keep it fresh a flat might flatter this dress more and leave your feet feeling great for some dancing.

Prism Light Sequin Dress, $48.99

 I know, I was like NO SEQUINS, at the start of this post, but forgive me because this is soooo LIZA WITH A Z. If you’re going to go sequins, go crazy ass broadway style. The only way to enter a party in this dress is to kick, scream “BABY!” then end it with some jazz hands. A 3/4 length sleeve is always a good gateway for a bracelet. I might try a big plastic pop of color bracelet. Lately, I’ve been really into chunky faux rolex watches… maybe a silver one? Oooooo a jean jacket would be so hot with this.

Charleston Dance Woven Dress by MM Couture, $84.99

GOD I LOVE ELIZABETH TAYLOR. Wear this dress with high high high heels in silver, pile your hair (or fake hair- I’ll never telllllll) on your head, add a dash of pearly lipstick, and wear your largest diamond earrings because these have always brought me luck.

Delicate Blossom Floral Dress by MM Couture, $94.99

This is a cute little Mad Men-ish ditty. The single shoulder is super flattering, and bitches be wearing this style OUT. Except the popular form of the one shoulder is usually apart of some tacky bandage dress or whatever they got hanging around Bebe. This is classy and will look awesome on just about anyone. Please do me a favor and only wear earring studs with this dress… the more dangly the earring the less attention your sexy ass clavicle will get.

Take A Chance Chiffon Dress, $54.99

Who doesn’t want to look like a mermaid vagina every once in a while?

It’s pretty versatile, and doesn’t say “holiday party” at all which is awesome! Pair this with gold to spice it up. Be unpredictable, stylish, but most of all be you!

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I love my fashion with a dance break

December 11th, 2012 | Nnekay

Solange… let me count the ways I love your fashion.

Nah, instead of that let’s just watch her in cute action

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Shop Dump: Get Happy

November 15th, 2012 | Nnekay

Lately, I’ve been in a slump.

My face and hair game are severely lacking, work is ridiculous, and most of all I got a looming milestone slowly approaching.


That’s what it says on my personal calendar. Doesn’t help that my birthday is three days after Christmas.

BUT I am so sick of this pity game. I should be happy that I am ALIVE and all that junk. So I need a little visual pick me up. Let’s look at weird fun happy shiny things:

Nature Nursery Owl, $10

Image Courtesy of

Ooooooo… Little owl baby thing! I love you!

Everything Is Alright, Print by Laura George, $16.50

Image Courtesy of

Laura George has some of the cutest prints. Sometimes all I need is a little pick me up like this elf-y sprite weirdo telling me that I’m doing a good job.

Lemon Zest Confetti Necklace, $48

Image Courtesy of

The name alone is the best. I think I might name my first kid that, and call him/her LZC for short. I’m black, I can get away with naming my kid something wacky.

Skull Sweater, $73.88

Image Courtesy of

True Story: I once went on a date with a guy who (in the restaurant) showed me his torso which was tattoo’d to look like a skull. His nipples were shaded in to resemble eyeballs, and his belly button was in the center of the open laughing mouth. If this wasn’t so expensive, I might just buy it to commemorate our time together. Plus it’s really pretty.

Cuddle Positions, Print by Laura George, $10

Image Courtesy of 

Oh Laura George, you do it to me all the time. Also the fact that they are potato cloud people makes it even better, because when I cuddle I feel like a potato cloud person.

Owl Funky Music Headset (did not make that up), $24.99

Image Courtesy of

Remember when World Market was called Cost Plus? Why are they changing thing like this? Anyway- I still enjoy going into their store and smelling that random wood smell.

Mr. & Mrs. Seahorse, $7.99

Image Courtesy of

I just like this because dude is hella preggo.

Goldleaf Cocktail Dress, $258

Image Courtesy of

 Do me a favor and click on that image and tell me that it is not the most fantastic dress you have ever seen. Gah, I’m dying of happiness…

What gets you happy?! Share them in the comments!

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ShoesOnShoesOnShoes: A Post By Renee

November 14th, 2012 | Nnekay

I know why Nnekay asked me to write about shoes. It’s because of this:

This is my shoe closet. Everyone thinks 2 things about my shoe closet: 1) I wish I had a shoe closet! and 2) that is a lot of shoes. I counted when I moved in and I think I have around 50 pairs, and I try to keep it at that. The rule is: if you don’t have space in the shoe closet, don’t buy more shoes.

Because I have so many shoes, Nnekay thought it’d be fun to lob a challenge my way, so she sent me a few scenarios to see what I’d wear in certain situations. I chose a few things out of my own closet, and a few that are on my wish list

Vacation but you have mad fungus

“Vacation” covers so many things. For me, a vacation could be easily spent at home on the couch, in which case my go-to would be these:

Image Courtesy of, $22.50


They are supremely comfortable (which makes up for their stupid name, color palette, and designer’s aesthetic), warm, and affordable. Cut off the stupid pom-poms and they’re ready to live in
However, for most people “vacation” means going outside and doing something, in which case “flirty faux slipper boots” [Note: What exactly is it that makes slippers flirty? Is it that they allow me to poke my boyfriend from the other side of the couch with my foot and nod suggestively without hurting him?] probably do not fit the bill.Still, you’ll doubtless want to go with something comfortable and functional whether walking around a city or heading to the beach (aka “nature’s couch”) to lay around, so for the sake of ultimate versatility I suggest a cute lace up oxford with macrame detailing:

Wanted Shoes oxford


[Double N Note: This fancy ass site had a link for you to paste the picture into your blog. WTF Polyvove, you crazy!] $50

Good for hot weather but also great over tights, this adorable little shoe pairs well with a variety of outfits, like this:


or this:
or this:


Images Courtesy of

And if you’re suffering from any sort of foot affliction, be it fungus or just ugly toes, these are full-coverage shoes that are still cute, adaptable, and contemporary

Shopping tip (and full disclosure): I still don’t own a pair of these. I want one, but the one time I looked, I couldn’t find a pair that fit comfortably without socks. I’m sure I will at some point, but it’s going to take some searching. My advice is: don’t buy these online–especially if you’re planning to use them as travel shoes. You’ll want the fit to be perfect if you’re going to spend a lot of time walking in them, which means you’ve got to feel them in person first.

Holiday Party Which May Or May Not Be On A Roof Top

I can’t think of anything more holiday appropriate than one of my favorite pairs of shoes, these Poetic Licence wedges:

Image Courtesy of, $139

I found these on eBay during an insomnia-driven online shopping trip (a steal at $40 I now realize after visiting the brand’s website) and fell in love. I’m a sucker for unique detailing, and I’ve never seen a shoe quite like this before. It’s a mid-sized heel, only around 2.5″ high, and the multi-colored lucite wedge looks like something that could’ve come out of Jane Jetson’s closet. I also love the slate silver hue over the dark iridescent purple. The only thing I had any doubts about was the rhinestone-embellished bow, but in the context of a holiday party it’s perfect (like your feet are a little present to your legs). Bonus: the low heel makes them easy on the feet, which means you’ll be standing all night long (or at least until the brandy-spiked egg nog kicks in).


I’m going to say something here that may be unpopular: I do NOT like these platform-soled monstrosities that are presently dominating the shoe market.

Image Courtesy of, $Ugly Price

I know they make you appear taller, and appearing taller often means appearing slimmer, and while I feel very “fuck that” about trying to appear slimmer than you are (because feminism) I can understand the mass appeal of creating an illusion of increased slimness. I don’t support it, but I get it
But shoes like this look trashy, and even in the context of a date to get down, trashy is always a ‘don’t.’ You don’t have to look trashy to look sexy (nor do you have to look skinny to look sexy…) so instead of looking trashy, focus on feeling awesome.

Here’s the thing (for me, at least): I don’t know if I’ve ever been on a date where the guy noticed my shoes enough to say anything about them. The only thing my boyfriend notices about my shoes is that I have too many. Last night when I was working on this post I got really excited about a pair of red ankle boots I found and his response was a beleaguered “Er hrm.” I could not pay him to care about my shoes, so if it was third date time I can’t imagine my shoes making any bit of difference to him.

The person it would make a difference to would be me, so I’d pick a pair of shoes that would make me feel two things: 1) comfortable and 2) confident. I know I sound like your parents, but sexy really is all about confidence. This is why those platform heels are such a failure–they smack of desperation, and desperation is the opposite of confidence.
Comfort is an equally important component to confidence because if you’re two seconds from falling over, or in constant pain while standing, you’ll be too distracted to feel anything other than worry, and worry is not sexy (just think of Woody Allen
So what do you wear on a third date, given that your date may not notice, and the most important part of the equation is your comfort and confidence? Whatever you want.

Funnily enough, for me one of the sexiest, most comfortable pairs of shoes I own are some cheap off-brand patent-leather leopard print (what?) heels. There are few things more fucked out than leopard print, but for some reason I can turn a blind eye to that where these shoes are concerned. It’s the one pair of super high heels I can wear for more than an hour without getting that permanent pain-scrunch in my forehead, and I feel great when I wear them. Unfortunately because they’re off-brands from 5 years ago (and don’t have a huge uggo platform sole) I haven’t been able to find anything comparable for sale online.

What I have found is just as embarrassing as my love for a pair of leopard print shoes: Jessica Simpson’s Calie heels:

Image Courtesy of, $60.99

I saw these in a store the other day and thought, “Gee, I’d totally wear those!” then felt weird for sharing style sensibilities with Jessica Simpson. But I have to admit it: I like these shoes–they’re classic, the colors pop, and while they aren’t off-brand cheap, at around $50 a pair they are entirely reasonable (even if your date doesn’t notice them).

Fancy New Years Eve

How right would your year start if you could count down to midnight in these?

Image Courtesy of, $169

Honestly, I could not have cared less about Louboutin until I saw this black lace heel, but I’m sold. I don’t know if I’m $169[Double N Note: Marked down from $1,034 whaaaaa] sold, because that is a lot to pay for a single pair of shoes, but this one is definitely on my wish list.
I love the way the wrapped mesh is set to delicately cup the ankle, I love the button closure, and I love the mix of Asian and flapper influence on top of what’s basically a classic black stiletto. It’s like a mix of antique and modern sensibilities on a super high heel. These might hurt your toes and your bank account, but I bet it’s totally worth it.

Going Apple Picking

I had to look up when apple season was and it turns out it’s right now: from September to November, you can get your kitsch on by heading to an orchard to pull apples off trees–something people used to have to do but now indulge in on weekends, and only until they are sick of it. I love living in the future!
This might not be the most practical choice for a farmer, but since I’m not a farmer I can go for style over function with another wish list item, these irritatingly-priced $219 boots from Miz Mooz:

Image Courtesy of, $219.00

I saw these the other day and fell in love. They fit great, they’re comfortable, and they look fantastic, but I have 3 pairs of brown boots already (and around 10 pairs of boots total) so there was no way I could pretend to myself that I in any way needed them, at least not $200 needed them. But they’re awesome, and I can just imagine how cute they’d look prancing through an orchard with a basket full of bright red apples like some modern-day Little Red Riding Hood.

Jamaican Dancehall Party

I’ve never been to a Jamaican dancehall party, but it sounds like a good excuse to bust out some of those crazy platform wedge sneakers I keep seeing:

Image Courtesy of, $39.99

I’m still not sure whether I like them or hate them, but from a cursory Googling of “Jamaican Dancehall Party” my impression is that you’d want to wear something comfortable that you could do this in:

And even if you’re not planning to wind up in any inverted positions, dancehall parties seem pretty aerobic, which means the shoes need to be first and foremost comfortable. I also like that these would cover your toes in case anyone accidentally stomps on you, and would not get in the way of doing any splits and/or back flips. Plus the black and white pattern is pretty tight, and who doesn’t like velcro? It’ll make them easier to take off when you stumble home, drunk and exhausted from all the dancing, and fall asleep on your crowded shoe closet floor.
Alright, my lovelies that was The Very First Guest Post!!! Thanks Renee!!!! How’d yo guys like it?! If you wanna guest post hit me up in the comments… or in real life, because I know all of you who read this!

Hearts and Farts,

Double N

Janky Tutorial: Liquid Like Whoa!

November 13th, 2012 | Nnekay

One thing I love and actually have spent time perfecting is the the liquid lined eyeball.

I love this look so much that when I neglect to apply my trusty black sweep- I feel nekkid. I have created a janky tutorial on how to do it. Please enjoy the fact that I’m wearing my night scarf… yes, I look that fly when go to beddy-by.

Almay Liquid Liner in Black, $6.75

Ok, I’ve tried so many different types of liners, but this Almay absolutely my favorite. The little pot is cute and Almay is great for sensitive eyebawls, but the brush/ wand thingy is the main reason I will never sway from this cheapo drugstore brand.

Note how the brush goes to a point. I took this picture right after I unscrewed it from the pot, not much goop factor! The brush is flexible, which is key for creating a winged tip to your line. The ink goes on smooth, and it dries pretty damn quickly.

I’ve tried the Almay waterproof liquid liner and… that shit is weird. The brush is stiff, which makes it seems like you are gouging your eyes out ala Oedipus, and the ink after you apply it, will stay sticky for HOURS. This is an issue if you like to open and close your eyes during the day. I know right… who does that! Anyway, I found that the ink line will stick to your upper lid, when you blink. It’s kinda funny the first time it happens, like having tiny little Velcro straps on your eyes- but then throughout the day it turns into Almay eyelid torture. But you know, if you want to feel like this:

Image Courtesy of

That’s cool. I would rather not… So I stick with the basics.

When I start, I never start at the inside corner of my eye. I always start at the mid point of my lid. It’s just easier to control your line this way. There are two very specific ways I hold the brush/wand. The first is flat. Meaning, I paint the line on with the whole side of the brush, not the tip.

See… look how I am holding the brush parallel to my eyelid. This is how I create that first line.

1. Hold brush parallel to your lid

2. Start line from middle of your lid to end of your eyelashes. Do not go beyond yet. If you don’t want a wing, you can skip the next step, but come on… the only reason we all wear liquid is to get the wing… I mean really…

Ok for the wing, notice how my brush is no longer parallel to the lid. To create a dramatic wing, first take note to where your eyebrow ends. This will give you a good point to aim at when creating your wing. Take the tip of your brush and sweep it towards the end of your eyebrow from the line that you first created. As you sweep your wing, lift the brush tip so your line will be tapered. Sometimes this is all you need. If you want a thicker wing (like the one above) draw a second line from under your lash line and connect it to your first line to create a little triangle. And Voila! You have a wing!

Lazy Note: Another reason I aim towards the end of my eyebrow is to keep my wings symmetrical. It’s super easy to do one eye at a time thinking they look perfect and Va-Va- Voom, but only to look straight into mirror when done and see some wonky ass wanna be rockabilly chick staring back at you.

Next, fill in the rest of your line. Remember  when lining your eye the brush is better parallel to your lid. Sweep from the inside corner and connect with the original line. Then dap the brush in spots that might have missed closer to your lashes.

Now you’re done!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Shop Dump: Ooooo Witchy Woman

November 1st, 2012 | Nnekay

For those of you who scream “EFF YOU NOVEMBER 1ST!!!!!!!!” This post is for youz.

There are plenty ways to bring the witchy look into your everyday wear without looking like a love child of  Mystery (from the classic VH1 show, Pick up Artist) and Stevie Nicks. Little touches keep the theme alive… I try to stay in the confines of three pieces that match a theme and keep the rest of the outfit simple and well constructed. Though, sometimes I just feel like being crazy and end up looking like this:

Image Courtesy of (which is my new metal band’s name)

Which is A-OK every once in a while, because who doesn’t enjoy a Jingle-Jangle steez.

So, instead of grabbing a hot dog on a stick an marching into your nearest Hot Topic, I decide to take a spin on good ole to dig up some unique black magic inspiration.

All Following Images Courtesy of

What says “I m*ther f*king love me some halloween” better than a cutie print of some trick-or-treaters?! Nothing. I rest my case, your honor. Gavel Drop.

Halloween Print– Trick or Treating

Shop: The Poppy Tree, Cost: Sale for $16.50

I want to hug these Octopi in a dark and creepy way.

Custom Wedding Octopus Print- Dictionary Art

Shop: Black Baroque, Cost: $10

I love me a good blouse-y dress. This one would be perfect with a nice waist belt and some jangly necklaces and bracelets. If it’s shear get a slip or a tank top dress. No one wants to see your chonies.

White Cotton Full Swing Nightgown

Shop: Sarafina Dreams, Cost: $115

Speaking of jangly accessories, this bracelet is amazeballs. It’s beautiful in it’s simplicity, and intriguing in it’s mysterious coins… like a witch… kinda. If $135 ain’t your jam, go to your local craft/bead store and pick you up some leather strips and wrap that around your arm loosely then tie a knot. Trust me, if you wear it with confidence, some one will ask you where you got it. Then you can scream “I MADE THAT ‘ISH!”

Ancient Roman Coin and Sterling Silver Wrap Bracelet 

Shop: Mara Joyce, Cost: $135

Pirates, witches, and gypsies always tends to hold hands and blend. I dunno why, perhaps the dark eyeliner.

Men’s Leather Wraparound Bracelet With Anchor Hook

Shop: Little Box of Jules, Cost: $19.99

These would go great with a dark pair of skinny jeans

Dark Grey Knit Leg Warmers Boot Cuffs

Shop: Knit Wit 321, Cost: $21.50

Dress these down, dress them up… maybe stay away from the striped socks though… Super cute and not bad for leather.

Vintage Black Leather Lace Up Witch Boots

Shop: Nana Pat Project, Cost: $38

Like always, use these to help get your magical thoughts a brewn’! It maybe November 1st, but being spooky never gets old!


Hearts & Farts


– Double N


talkn bout brows

October 30th, 2012 | Nnekay

Not to brag or anything, but people always tell me I have great eyebrows. NBD…

When I receive one of these compliments, I politely curtsy then scream, “THEY’RE FAKE! I DRAW THOSE PUPPIES IN!”

All eyebrows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, mine are hairy blocks. See those above? Completely manufactured. Without proper treatment, they would resemble two censorship bars slowly reaching towards each other. My mom is a hippie with thin wispy eyebrows, so it was FORBIDDEN for me to even touch a tweezer.  During my senior year of high school, I went rogue and plucked the fuck out of my face… leaving two tiny satellites on each temple. Of course my mom still finds it funny to this day. Through out college I experimented, and finally got a shape that I enjoyed.

Lazy Tip: Go to a Professional. Then every week, set up shop in front of a mirror and pluck out the newbie hairs. Seriously, it takes two minutes, unless you have crazy superhero genes and grow hair hella fast. If you do please send some of your freak-o genes my way. This will keep your eyebrows looking fresh and save the cashola. I honestly haven’t been back to a Pro in moooooonnnthhhhh… maybe years, but that’s because I’m a frugal princess.


Once I got a  shape that I liked, I figured I was set, since my eyebrows each have roughly a billion hairs. “Not true!” said the camera. Picture after picture revealed a face that was both filled with make up, but still lacking… I was confused. What the hell was I doing wrong? Until one day I read some tacky article on drawn eyebrows and decided to try it out.

WHOA! The difference!!!!!! Now I try to never leave the house without my ‘brows. Here are some pictures to prove how much of a difference some color makes:





I first started using just plain brown eye shadow, but that would smeared across my forehead like dookie by the end of the day. Then I hit the m*tha f*ckn’ holy grail of eyebrow color.

Image Courtesy of

Brow Zings, $30

BEHOLD, the best invention for your eyebrows since hot ass wax. In this tiny cute package is colored wax and pressed powder. The wax keeps the shape of your brow and prevents the powder from traveling around your face. First, you take your brush and scrap a little bit of colored wax, then a little bit of powder, then swipe it through your eyebrow. I try to keep the original shape, and only elongate the ends to form a nice point. I start right at the inside corner and do an “Up then Down” motion with the brush. I prefer the angled brush for a nice tapered line at the end. Also…

I’ve had my kit for two years and counting.


I use it basically everyday.

Have your eyeballs fallen out of your head yet?!?!?!?!?!

It’s amazing. Anyway- for you newbies to the eyebrow game- when you first put on your brows you’re gonna feel a little witch-y, but don’t let that deter you from keeping it up!

Any other tips?! Leave them in the comments!

Hearts & Farts

- Double N

Shop Dump: How to Pop it

October 29th, 2012 | Nnekay

Image Courtesy of Here which is so frickn’ weird.

So you wanna look like a pop super star, but in a refined grown and sexy way? I’m gonna peruse through and find some junk that might tickle your pop fantasies.

Note: The idea behind a ‘shop dump’ is to gather inspiration for creating certain looks. I’m not recommending to going out and get these actual items, but try to find cheaper versions of these things to create your own awesomeness.

Image Courtesy of

Print, $25

 A good bold print is always a great way to state your stance on music. Just this phrase alone got me feeln’ funky fresh… don’t know what I’m talking about? Exhibit A:


Now it’s stuck in your head, huh?

Image Courtesy of

Check Resin Bracelet, $17.50

 Bright Colors + Shapes = Pop! Now this sorta boarders on Mod, which I J’adore (ahem… jahdoor…), but all pop stars and wanna beez have specific if not over the top splashes of color. This chunky bracelet is the best way to introduce pop into your fashion.

Image Courtesy of

Scull Wrap Bracelet, $65

I have to say that $65 for a simple bracelet is Crazy Talk, but I’m putting it up here, because this is an easy gateway to a lazy craft. Go to your local craft store, buy some fishing line, and a bag of miscellaneous beads- then string together. You can be extremely lazy, by tying a knot then melting the plastic fishing line with a lighter, or you can be lazy-fancy and tie a knot around some necklace closures which you can buy at the craft store, too. Totally easy way to get those dingle-dangle type bracelets that celeb pop stars rock when pledging to whatever new cult their into.

Image Courtesy of

1980s Inspired Blouse, $36

This blouse is awesome. That is all.

Image Courtesy of

1990′s Inspired Blouse, $39

Wouldn’t this look amazing with some heart shaped sunglasses? Slap a straw hat on your head and take a bike cruise down Santa Monica Land. Five bucks someone will snap a picture of you thinking you are some pop diva.

Image Courtesy of

Feather Mantel Necklace, $104

Always add feathers for a notably stank-less Ke$ha look.

DO YOU have any ideas on a pop look? Let me know in the comments!!!!

Hearts & Farts

-Double N

Uniqlo Store: A Review

October 26th, 2012 | Nnekay

Image Courtesy of (because google image search leads me to weird places)

Whenever a store that is big overseas FINALLY makes its way across the ENTIRE COUNTRY to finally rest it’s head on our golden shores- we make a damn big deal about it. When H&M came to SF, the Bay Area’s collective head exploded and practically everyone was wearing neon hoodies. Now, it’s time for Japanese giant Uniqlo to grace us with their presence. Being the lemming that I am, I rushed to the cluster f*ck that is Union Square to feast my eyes on the giant white building filled with new clothing goodies. When I popped in, it was PACKED. Pretty much everyone was represented: grandmas, hipsters, business men, etc. It only takes four words to sum up the experience:


…of all colors, shapes, and sizes… it was boarding on hilarious. With so much winter wear, I imagined this whole place would look completely different in the spring. Anywho, everything was chic and minimal. Which is a lazy favorite of mine. A bright simple well made top makes looking up-to-date and refined sooooo easy.

I’m still recovering from the 90s when my closet completely consisted of Old Navy Performance Fleece jackets and vests… I made sure to steer clear of the THAT section.  YOU GUYS, I’m just not ready yet.

As for the Puff Jackets…

Woman’s Ultra Light Down in Black, $49.90 (sale) 

Image Courtesy of

I’ve dubbed this the ‘Normal Uniqlo’ because everyone and their mom was frickn’ pulling these things off the shelves like wild people. On the hanger they looked basic and whatever, but once you picked one up- ZOMG! This thing was as light as a piece of paper. Online says that it weighs 7oz. Which is crazy talk for anyone who has every owned down anything. These come in just about every color in the Crayola box, and due to the simple cut and style, it would be easy to pull off some of the stranger colors- like the weird urine gold-ish one I was mildly attracted too. There was one shiny black Normal Uniqlo which reminded me of a very unique time in music history:

 Image Courtsey of

Final thoughts: Like it- pretty safe choice, but with potential to funk it up with personal style.

Women Premium Down Ultra Light Topper Jacket in Wine, $69.90

Image Courtesy of

I’ve dubbed this one the ‘Cape Uniqlo’ because you look like a snob in Cape Cod in this jacket. On the hanger this shit looked amazing. I was in love and thought I would look like a black slight more clumsy Audrey Hepburn. Instead, I felt like a puffy snob. It just fits weird. Even the model on the website is all “why am I wearing this mess?!”

Image OBVIOUSLY Courtesy of

Final thought: meh, I bet it’s just personal preference, so if you like it, then boom!- go get you one- but it sure seems hard to keep warm in that thing.

Women Premium Down Ultra Light Parka in Pink, $49.90

Image Courtesy of

I’ve dubbed this one the ‘Sexy Uniqlo’ because it says “Fellas… I like to be warm, but I want you to see my dangerous curves… POW! ZING! ZOWEY!” It’s cinched at the waist for premium snow bunny realness. Lots of colors- pretty cool.

Final thought: 50/50 I don’t like jackets that are cinched at my waist, I feel like a trapped bear, and the bottom half always looks like a tutu. THIS of course is my opinion. I see cinched waist jackets on my lady friends and I like it. I would probably try to stay away from some of the louder colors, though… The cut and style stands out already.

Women Stretch Down Jacket in Gray, $89.90

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I’ve dubbed this last and final jacket the ‘Nnekay Uniqlo’ because I bought it. I’ve been wearing it every day. I love it because it’s the perfect length, the perfect puff and mixes with just about everything.

You can wear it like this:

But best of all you can wear it like THISSSSSS:

Final thought: It’s amazing, duuuuuuuuh look at the above photo.

I can go on and on, but these were the basics. For now, I would suggest going online to purchase. Their online store HAS SO MUCH MOAR STUFF. Plus, you won’t get distracted by all of the puff and fleece like I did. I’m excited to see this store transform, just judging by the web selection, the style is very downtown hotness at a moderate price. Stretch color jeans and corduroys, flannel layers, cute prints. Good stuff. Basically what Old Navy is trying to do with a little more Art School kid thrown into the mix.

In the meantime, celebrate Uniqlo’s arrival by wearing as many colors as you can at at once!!!!

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- Double N

Baubles and Baubles

October 26th, 2012 | Nnekay

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River Glass Necklace in Red $28, Francesca’s Boutique

The best way to make your boring ass outfit come alive is to slap a big ole necklace on it. You could be wearing the most raggedy T-Shirt and some three day old jeans, but once you pop on something like that sucker above, everyone will be “oooohing” and “ahhhing” over your sharp fashion sense. It’s lazy. It’s awesome. I do it.

Gah! So boring, boobies in a black shirt.

BAM! Just like that, boring goes straight into over drive fashion.

Expert Level.

Some fancy pants out there might lead you to believe that getting giant necklaces will ravage your bank account almost as fast as I can complete a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. “No, no” says I. The above necklace is only 28 bucks! I do the majority of my accessory shopping at Francesca’s. There is a boutique where I live, but lucky for you pretty-pretties, there is a website for online purchases as well: It’s basically like a refined mature older sister to Forever 21. Great for quick dresses, blouse-y tops, and oh man the accessories! The necklaces usually run from $18- $36. Here are some great examples of what you can find on the website or in the store:


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You can buy cheapie baubles at places like: Old Navy, Forever 21, Target, H&M, etc., but I tend to stay away from the giants for my accessories simply because of their popularity. To spend less money and still get great uniqueness try smaller or online retailers like Francesca’s,, ModCloth, and Let’s face it, it’s more fun to have someone ask you where you got your signature piece rather than tell you, “OMG I have that home!”  AMIRITE?!

When you’re gonna sport inexpensive glitters, you gotta follow a couple of strict rules, unless you are going for Ocsar the Grouch Hot Realness… then I’m not gonna hate.

1. “Once your metals turn brown, time to thrown down.” There is a reason that giant necklace cost 20 bucks… once it starts to turn color banish to the trash bin.

2. “Loose a jewel, look like a tool.” I’ve been guilty of sporting fakies that are missing jewels, because I loved the piece so much, but don’t do it! Once there is an empty space, your accessory will looses the illusion.

3. “Opposites attract, like Paula and Scat Cat.” I try to stay away with matching my clothing colors with my giant jewels colors. They will tend to blend in and you wont get that dynamic lazy wow factor that you are trying achieve. I use colors that are weirdly friends- like sea foam green and a mauve- note: the weird color (ie sea foam green) used in the accessory.

That’s it! Get busy making your personal style statements with giant cheap ass plastic jewels!

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– Double N